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Inline Betting

If you are looking for a top place for online sports betting, we recommend BetFare. This betting exchange allows punters who wish to back a horse, sports event or winner to find a person offering the best odds on that event across their network. An extremely efficient site, it serves as a reverse auction which results in the odds that you find on the site are generally 20% beter than the nearest competitor and certainly substantially better that a land based book maker.

And of course, if you want to try your hand at laying bets and acting as the bookie, you can do that too.

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Here's why we like BetFare so much:
- 20% better odds
- You can bet on the outcome even during play or once the event has started
- You can back or lay
- Betfare is licenced and regulated in the UK
- You can try betfair for free

BetFare also has an excellent poker site.